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Sightseeing in Bavaro – what to see. Complete travel guide

One of the top beach resorts is located in the Dominican Republic’s magnificent exotic town of Bavaro. Those who prefer active rest will also find bliss here. This remote, uninhabited region of wild nature, with its infinite mango groves and undeveloped beaches, was transformed into a luxury resort in just 25 years. In this town today, there are more than 30 tourism complexes. The resorts range in terms of quality and architecture, but they all feature a magnificent beach with white sand.

Due to the cays that shield the lagoon from waves, the sea in this area is quiet. Numerous coconut palms are growing endlessly along the blue coast. Isn’t this what every traveler fantasizes about: expansive sand beaches, soft sunlight, and a tranquil lagoon? You may engage in a variety of sporting activities, water attractions, and national parks nearby in addition to sunbathing and swimming. The most well-known one is regarded to be Manati Park Bavaro. Dolphins can only be seen in this national park in the Dominican Republic. Visitors to this park can view exotic birds, parrots, and reptiles, view enormous aquariums filled with fish of all different sizes and forms or attend a sea lion performance.

A charming, quaint village is not far from the resort. Since this is a traditional Indian town, travelers will find it to be very intriguing. Visitors can visit suitable cottages, observe the Taino tribe’s way of life, and purchase souvenirs from nearby shops. Another well-liked activity is going to Saona Island, riding in a jeep, or going on an excursion to the nation’s capital, Santo Domingo.

There are many interesting natural landmarks close to the city, including «Palm Cemetery.» The swamp, which has many dead trees, is so named. The landscape is quite bizarre, with tree trunks rising right out of the sea. These locations draw ornithologists as well as a large number of tourists who come specifically to snap authentic shots. The catch is that numerous aquatic bird species have made the marsh their home, drawing not only intrepid travelers but also some seasoned researchers.

It is worthwhile for individuals who enjoy modern zip-lines to visit Bavaro Adventure Park, a well-liked vacation spot for families. This big rope town is situated in a lovely park setting, where visitors may enjoy a variety of exciting attractions. They can ride the bungee, stroll along the rope bridges suspended between the trees, and even younger children can experience some of the rides. Even better, this theme park offers a fantastic Dinopark where you can take pictures with magnificent dinosaur statues.

A trip to the neighborhood malls and shops, the most well-known of which is the Palma Real Shopping Village, should be a required component of such a vacation. This shopping center has a magnificent colonial-style structure and offers a huge variety of goods. You may purchase fashionable clothing and accessories here, as well as unique trinkets and meals at nearby restaurants.

The jeweler «Harrison’s Fine Caribbean Jewelers,» which offers consumers distinctive jewelry with precious and semiprecious stones, is Bavaro’s main draw. Visitors can both schedule jewelry creations based on their unique sketches and observe jewelers at work here. Many visitors treat the jewelry store like a museum, but it’s difficult to leave without making a purchase.

The Oleg Bat House Cave, whose main inhabitants are bats, is located not far from the Bavaro. This cave offers some extremely fascinating trips where you can observe the local wildlife and marvel at the incredible stalactites and stalagmites.


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