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All our Tours here at Perico Ripiao are led by highly trained local experts. Perico Ripiao Tours offers incomparable service to all the visitors who come to enjoy the beauty and splendor of Punta Cana. Our mission is to be the market leader in the Dominican Republic, offering to you, the highest level of service with only the best tours.

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Our History

Perico Ripiao Tours

All About Our Founder Jose

I have childhood memories of playing Hooky and heading to Coney Island, whether going to the beach there or during summer vacations going to Jones Beach. Ever since the first time I was taken to the beach I do not remember when. I fell in love with the ocean. Finding myself in a place and starting a company that involves being out in it brings me joy. But providing services for tourists from all over the world and being able to show them the beauty of Punta Cana brings me even more joy.

I never dreamed of working in the Tourism Industry I mean never. One year we went on a family vacation and my son was about 13 years old and we were at a beautiful resort, he said dad one day I would like to run one of these places. That stuck in the back of my head.

Perico Ripiao Family Time

After about two months I have had it with my current job and the amount of pressure I was being put to sell. The tours they offered were some of the bests in the business, but I felt like some people did not want to be sold to, I did not have that hustling mentality to be persuasive. And that is when I decided to go and explore my options with a few thousand dollars under the mattress, I left my job and started to produce ideas as to how I could one day own my own tour company.

Along with Joanna a dear friend we started to visualize the services that we would offer and how we would go about offering those services. We looked at how we could do what was being done without having to hustle our customers and make it more informative. After going around and getting in the mix, I realized that the key to success relied on offering superior quality customer service along with only the most reliable tours. And that’s when Perico Ripiao Tours was born.

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Perico Ripiao Our Name, Our History, Our Passion!

Perico Ripiao music also referred to as Merengue, Merengue Tipco, or Merengue Cibaeño is a musical genre with its roots firmly planted in our beautiful country, the Dominican Republic. Our name reflects the rich history of our music and the vibrancy and energy that encompasses this unique and iconic sound. Perico Ripiao music was banned from being played up until the mid-1930s due to its energy and proactive dance that accompanied it. The name Perico Ripiao in English translates to «Ripped Parrot” which is said to have been the name of the establishment where the music was played, and the immediately recognizable style was developed. Many tried to ban the music style, until 1942 when the then President of the Dominican Republic, Rafael Trujillo, declared Perico Ripiao the national music of the Dominican Republic.

It is this amazing back story of the music, that drove our founder, José, to embrace the incredibly rich history of the Dominican Republic and have our tour company, Perico Ripiao Tours, not only serve our clients with the best service in the Dominican Republic but to do it with the amazing history of our country alongside us in everything we do.

Come and experience the wonders of the Dominican Republic with our team here at Perico Ripiao Tours and let us amaze you.

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